Sunday, August 27, 2017

Crowdrescuing: Evidence from Hurricane Harvey

I am very impressed by people who help the affected people from hurricane Harvey in Texas. There are various groups in which the affected people ask for help and the closest people to them go and rescue them. It is amazing crowdrescuing case. My next publication definitely will be about this with the following topic:

How crowdrescuing increased the speed of rescuing: The Evidnece from Hurricane Harvey

Anyone wants to collaborate? I need a co-author :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

First Day of Teaching as an Instructor

I cannot believe I am putting all big challenges of my life behind my self one by one! I am getting braver and braver. I came for my PhD to a foreign country, I passed courses that was so challenging, I passed my Comps, and finally today I finished the first day of teaching! It was the most challenging work that I could do in my whole life. People who know me and know my personality understand what I mean! It means a lot for me.
I hope I have a good and successful semester ahead.

Thanks God :)