Thursday, January 1, 2015

What am I grateful for in 2014?

Today is a good time to think about the past year and list what we are grateful for. I am grateful for every moments that I had during 2014. I had a lot of bad and good days during 2014 and I am grateful for all of those days. I am grateful for bad days since those days taught me that life is not easy and I need to be stronger to deal with the future challenges. I had some achievements in 2014 that I consider them as the best days in my academic life. I am grateful for those achievements since they were huge steps toward my goals. The publication of my research paper in one of the good journals was the first achievement of me in 2014 which leaded to my acceptance in Louisiana State University and my travel to USA and having the chance to work under supervision of one of the best researchers in IS field. That paper changed my life and all my hardworking paid off. I consider 2014 as a milestone in my academic life.
I have some short-term goals for 2015 and next year I will publish a post in this blog and list my achievements. I hope we all achieve our goals in 2015.

Happy new year :)