Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The first semester of PhD program finished (I survived)

The first semester of PhD program was very challenging for me. First semesters in B.Sc and M.Sc were though too, but first semester of PhD program was the most challenging semester that I have ever experienced . I cut my leisure time activities, I did not have hang-outs with friends and I spent whole my time on studying for the courses. I am not satisfied with my grades, but I got a lot of experiences during this semester. The first experience is that if you want to be successful in business school and get good grades, you just need to speak and participate in class discussions. I lost a lot of points because of not speaking at classes. I am a shy person and I really could not participate in discussions. The second experience is that studying 16-18 hours during a day has opposite results. For the next semester I am planning to have leisure time activities and I will play sports and will attend in some events. The third experience is that for improving we need to be sociable person and discuss about our problems with classmates. It helped me a lot in the last month of the first semester and I improved a lot. I thank my friends and family who gave me hope during the days that I did not have any hope or perspective. Although they were far from me, but they helped me to be optimistic about future and do my best. Finally, I Thank God for giving me the strength to get through those times.