Saturday, August 23, 2014

Starting my PhD Program in Louisiana State University

In the past 11 months I've been through a lot of things. The past year was the most rewarding year of my life.
I achieved the most important dreams of my childhood and Adolescence. I overcame many obstacles to be where I am now. I have started a new journey and I hope I go through it as I have planned.

On Monday, August 11, 2014, I said goodbye to the most beloved people of my life, my Family. After about 30 hours of being in plane and layover in airports, I arrived my destination, the place that I come to build my future. A person from the university came to pick me up from Baton Rouge airport as it had been scheduled. That was the time that I said: " Yeah Hanieh, here is where you belong to."

We had a lot of Orientation, Campus tour, Baton Rouge tour, Welcome Parties, and etc. in the past 12 days. I want to confess that I have never had these joyful moments in my life.

On Tuesday, 26 August my first class will start and I want to promise myself that I will make the most of the chance that God has endowed me.

Thanks God :)