Thursday, September 26, 2013

Master of Science Thesis Defense

I defended my M.Sc thesis. It was a great experience to defend a thesis subject that I've chosen on my own. Since the first semester of M.Sc program I have stick to Crowdsourcing subject and finally I ended up my thesis with it.
the title of my thesis was: "Identifying effective factors on crowdworkers' performance in crowdsourcing platforms".
I have to thank my professor (Dr. Abdollah Aghaie) who supports me and gives me hope and self confidence to work on new research areas.


  1. Hi Hanieh , I've search your name on the net and I've just read your newest posts here, Congradulations for your high motivation in your research and study ! I bet you gonna be a inspirational scientist !
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Neda, Thanks a lot for your comment. Having a knowledgeable and kind friend like you is an honor for me. I wish you happiness and success in your life and study :)

  3. thanks my freind , it is an honor to meet you the other day
    wish you the best