Friday, July 6, 2012

Which domain of crowdsourcing?

According to papers I have read about crowdsourcing, I figured out that crowdsourcing is an Interdisciplinary research area.  there are papers from  both computer science and business perspective.

Daren C. Brabham  wrote the following paragraph in his blog post :
" So how do you know which discipline is the best discipline to get a degree in where you can focus on crowdsourcing? Well, that depends on exactly what kinds of questions you have about crowdsourcing. If you’re interested in how to actually design and engineer crowdsourcing platforms and systems, how to optimize their performance, and so on, then you’re probably better off in a computer science program, or perhaps an information science or computer engineering program. If you’re interested in the performance of crowdsourcing applications (i.e., how to know when they’ve succeeded or if they’ve improved a business function), then an academic graduate program in business or management (academic: MS. As opposed to professional: MBA) would be the best fit. If you’re interested in how and why crowds form, how they are motivated, and their perceptions of crowdsourcing applications, you could look into a journalism & mass communication program, a psychology program, a sociology program, information science, and so on."

fortunately crowdsourcing can tie into many domains (such as computer science, business, etc.), but for my thesis topic I should specify a well defined specific topic in one of these domains ... I have just 1 month to decide.