Monday, March 5, 2012

Semester 2

previous semester we were supposed to choose a research topic for one of our courses, we were free to choose topic from a wide range of subjects in computer science. I wanted to choose a topic which I could continue for my seminar and thesis as well. so I spent 3 months day-and-night just searching in Universities' sites for hot and challenging research topic that is interesting too.  our professors specified just 1 month deadline for selecting topic but it took me 3 months ! it was terrible ! I saw nightmare every night .

although I suffered a lot, fortunately I succeed , I found a topic that was new and interesting as well.

all those stressful days, paid off. now if a professor asks me to choose a topic; I relate "Crowdsourcing" to that course. for example this semester I have "strategic planning" and "CRM" courses and  I relate both of them to "crowdsourcing" as a research topic ! how lucky I am ! "crowdsourcing" is a topic that I can relate to all subjects :D ...

I wish you the bests

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