Friday, August 31, 2012

To Become a Real Researcher

One of my dreams was to  be a researcher, to publish many papers, and finally become scientist. When my teachers asked me : "what do you want to become in future?" my answer was: "scientist". although I didn't know it's actual meaning, but I liked it a lot.

I put my first step toward being scientist when I started my MSc program. During the last year I get acquainted with how to research, but I can not pretend that I'm a real researcher. I have a long way to learn how to publish a good paper, and become a real researcher and scientist.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Which domain of crowdsourcing?

According to papers I have read about crowdsourcing, I figured out that crowdsourcing is an Interdisciplinary research area.  there are papers from  both computer science and business perspective.

Daren C. Brabham  wrote the following paragraph in his blog post :
" So how do you know which discipline is the best discipline to get a degree in where you can focus on crowdsourcing? Well, that depends on exactly what kinds of questions you have about crowdsourcing. If you’re interested in how to actually design and engineer crowdsourcing platforms and systems, how to optimize their performance, and so on, then you’re probably better off in a computer science program, or perhaps an information science or computer engineering program. If you’re interested in the performance of crowdsourcing applications (i.e., how to know when they’ve succeeded or if they’ve improved a business function), then an academic graduate program in business or management (academic: MS. As opposed to professional: MBA) would be the best fit. If you’re interested in how and why crowds form, how they are motivated, and their perceptions of crowdsourcing applications, you could look into a journalism & mass communication program, a psychology program, a sociology program, information science, and so on."

fortunately crowdsourcing can tie into many domains (such as computer science, business, etc.), but for my thesis topic I should specify a well defined specific topic in one of these domains ... I have just 1 month to decide.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Applying the NIST Definition of Cloud computing to Crowdsourcing

Panos Ipeirotis, in one of his posts took the NIST definition of cloud computing, and translated into a similar definition for crowdsourcing. I recommend to read his post here.

After reading his post, I wondered how these two areas are similar; but as Ipeirotis stated there is significant difference between Humans and Computers !

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crowdsourcing; Is That What I've Always Done to Get My Problems Solved

It was about 5 months ago that I saw the term "Crowdsourcing" Here  for the first time .

in the first view I thought it's what I'm looking for the research. when I searched about it and read some papers I get more and more interested.


previously when I encountered a problem that was ambiguous or unsolvable for me, and I didn't get the answer by searching in search engines, I would emailed the problem to some of my friends that I believed they have better knowledge than me in that case; and I often got answer from 1/2 of them.

or I would posted my problems in a forum and I got answers from more than 1/2 people.
the first technique could be defined as friend-sourcing and the second as forum-sourcing or community-sourcing  .... and if you compare these 2 terms with crowdsourcing you could conclude that crowdsourcing is a general term for both of them.

yeah ! I had used crowdsourcing for my problems even before I knew the term.

So; you could imagine why I'm interested in Crowdsourcing ...  Crowdsourcing is an approach that I use to solve most of my problems, it motivates me to help other people as well ...

I my self when get an answer from a forum for a problem; then prefer to be permanent user of that forum and answer the questions of other members as well...

in summary :
one incentive that could motivate people to participate in crowdsourcing tasks is that to give them something  they really need; it could be an answer to a very simple question that s/he discussed in the forum ...
online-forums may have more potential that Mechanical Turk Marketplaces if we could manage it well .

Friday, March 16, 2012

How the path of our lives could change

It happened to me a lot; while I was searching something in Google I directed to another irrelevant site that absorbed me and I got everyday visitor of that site! Completely accidentally!
Real life makes no difference; some events happen accidentally and change the way of our lives completely. Sometimes the thing you most want doesn't happen. And sometimes the thing you never expect to happen does.
You see/meet thousands of people every day, and none of them really talk to you. And then you meet /see one person, and your life is changed forever.

Yeah, life is so complex … we could plan for tomorrow but we could not assure what really will happen.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Semester 2

previous semester we were supposed to choose a research topic for one of our courses, we were free to choose topic from a wide range of subjects in computer science. I wanted to choose a topic which I could continue for my seminar and thesis as well. so I spent 3 months day-and-night just searching in Universities' sites for hot and challenging research topic that is interesting too.  our professors specified just 1 month deadline for selecting topic but it took me 3 months ! it was terrible ! I saw nightmare every night .

although I suffered a lot, fortunately I succeed , I found a topic that was new and interesting as well.

all those stressful days, paid off. now if a professor asks me to choose a topic; I relate "Crowdsourcing" to that course. for example this semester I have "strategic planning" and "CRM" courses and  I relate both of them to "crowdsourcing" as a research topic ! how lucky I am ! "crowdsourcing" is a topic that I can relate to all subjects :D ...

I wish you the bests

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choosing my Seminar topic

The recent week I spent most of my time searching internet for a good seminar topic about crowdsourcing, I believe the hardest part of each research is topic selection, you should know what you're going to achieve, what the result of this research will be, if it will have contribution or not, will you be able to publish paper, and etc.  You could be able to see the whole path of research procedure.
So I believe choosing thesis or seminar topic is a Big thesis itself!

Finally I didn't get any result from my searches. Although I get some help from a phd student in Berkeley university, and other people who have done research in this area, but after all I could not choose a specific seminar topic. Today was the deadline of specifying seminar topic. I went to see my advisor, asked him for some help; He asked me if BI, CRM, or Social Networks have any relationship with Crowdsourcing!! I replied I think social networks can help to optimize our crowdsourcing work! It was completely unconscious answer! I have not seen any paper about this case! But run the risk of being the first student (at least in my university) who will work on crowdsourcing and social networks! This was the first time in my whole life that I took a risk.
Yeah, this was the story of choosing my seminar topic, which was one of the most important decisions of my life.
I hope I get good results, and publish more and more papers, continue it for my MSc thesis and PhD thesis, etc.

Best Wishes for You.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking back

Looking back in my life, I see some people who had an important role to change me in a better way, people who taught me success does not mean to be well-educated, to have more and more published papers, to be rich , or to achieve what you aspire.
these people taught me the way to have happy life, to forgive easily, to  help generously, and to love truly . these people taught me when I feel a tinge of jealousy in myself try not to be pessimist, but try to do my best to achieve my goals and be optimist to all people .

I feel that I have never been in this level of happiness.

let's try to be good-hearted humans.

Best Wishes