Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dr.Matt Welsh

a week ago I was searching about Wireless Sensor Networks then I fortuitously saw the blog of Dr.Matt Welsh (Harvard university professor and now he works for Google). I figured out how successful he is ! I really envy him ... I aspire a day to be his student (even for 1 hour) and have company with him .... I really want to add him to my facebook add list , I want to express my respect to him ... I want to comment in his blog .... but poignantly I feel like I'm not that much to contact with him ! I'm not at that point to tell him anything ! This is the fact ... Although I'm potential genius ... potential MS/Phd student ... but at the moment I'm a simple IT engineer who expects the result of MS entrance exam ... my future is latent ... I don't know what's gonna to happen !

May God help me .

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