Sunday, August 27, 2017

Crowdrescuing: Evidence from Hurricane Harvey

I am very impressed by people who help the affected people from hurricane Harvey in Texas. There are various groups in which the affected people ask for help and the closest people to them go and rescue them. It is amazing crowdrescuing case. My next publication definitely will be about this with the following topic:

How crowdrescuing increased the speed of rescuing: The Evidnece from Hurricane Harvey

Anyone wants to collaborate? I need a co-author :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

First Day of Teaching as an Instructor

I cannot believe I am putting all big challenges of my life behind my self one by one! I am getting braver and braver. I came for my PhD to a foreign country, I passed courses that was so challenging, I passed my Comps, and finally today I finished the first day of teaching! It was the most challenging work that I could do in my whole life. People who know me and know my personality understand what I mean! It means a lot for me.
I hope I have a good and successful semester ahead.

Thanks God :)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Comprehensive Exam

I passed comprehensive exam today... I am so happy and thankful to God... ready to enter the second half of my PhD life and start my dissertation. I hope I publish as many papers as I can to get a good academic job. I can do that :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I just came up with a perfect idea for a research! It may not be a good idea for dissertation, but it has potential for publication as a simple research work. so excited!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Start of a new challenge in my life

I have decided to start a new challenge in my life! The challenge name is "love myself". In this challenge I want to be nice to people (as always have tried to be) and to be even nicer to myself (this part is a new one). In this chalenge I will do the followings:

  1. After telling something to someone I will not think if I said the right thing or not! I will not be obsessed with what I have said before.
  2. To defend myself whenever necessary. I will try to make everything Fair for myself and for the others. I will not sacrifice myself to look good and be considered a "good" girl.
  3. I will not care about what people think and say about me. I am a grown woman and I already know what is right and what is wrong. I just need to trust myself and think positively about myself. And when it is necessary, I will ask the right people to help me to improve myself. 

To follow the above mentioned lifestyle, I need to know:

  • "Satisfying everyone is impossible"
  • "We will live just once"

Today, I successfully passed this challenge! Congrats to my self and I will continue it.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016- New Year

Just a couple of minutes is remained until 2016. I cannot believe it is almost 2016. To be honest, I do not want it comes. I do not want tonight ends.... But, anyway, it will end.
2015 was an ordinary year for me. I did not have any failure and I did not have any success in my research life. I feel bad about it since failure/success shows how hard I tried to achieve a goal.
I have the following challenges for 2016:
1. Read at least 2 research papers each day
2. Exercise twice a week
3. Learn 5 new English vocabulary each day
4. Watch at least one Ted video each day
5. Read a book each 3 months (optional)

Happy new year :)

Friday, September 11, 2015

The importance of people around us

One of the most insightful lessons that I learned during my life is: Be cautious about the people whom you allow to enter your life (as roommate, as friend, or etc.). Some people can make you the happiest and the most successful person in this world and on the other hand, some people can convert your life to hell. It does not matter how hardworking, happy, successful you are, they can ruin your life.

I ruined my first year of PhD program by allowing a girl to enter my life (as ....)! Although I suffered a lot, Although I got very bad grades, Although she made last year the worst year in my entire life.... But, I gained an experience and this year I am so happy since I have very good roommate and very good friends around :)

Thanks God